Friday, April 09, 2004

Who Are You and These People You Mention? 

ME: I'm a tech writer by day, law student (New England School of Law) by night, and full time movie fan. I also have obsessions with a number of tv shows, which my Tivo records faithfully for me so I can catch up on the weekends or when eating dinner at 11 pm weeknights.

Stats: Female, born 1964, residing in New England.
Shows: Buffy, Angel, Joan of Arcadia, ER, Queer Eye, Cold Case, JAG, The L-Word, Star Trek-all but original series, Barefoot Contessa, Design on a Dime, Wonderfalls, etc.
Entertainment Preferences: Sci-Fi, Chick Flicks, Romantic Comedies, Action-Adventure. Prefer shows and movies with strong female leads.
Food and Beverage Preferences: Pasta, dessert, PF Chang's, Starbuck's and Red Bull.
Sad Fact: I'm a geek.

UPDATE (8/26/05): I'm slated for graduation in May of 2007 (as of this update, I'm a 3LE). I still love Starbucks but am (mostly) off caffeine, so Red Bull is out. I've still got one in my fridge, if anyone wants it. Sushi has moved up as one of my favorite foods. Of my previously listed favorite show, the following have been cancelled, but I still love them: Buffy, Angel, Joan of Arcadia, JAG, Wonderfalls. I've grown tired of Barefoot Contessa, Queer Eye and Design on a Dime.

In the time between when I started this blog and this update, we grew to love Queer as Folk, and it was cancelled.

New (or new to me) shows I love: Rescue Me, The Closer, Weeds, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, Boston Legal, Grey's Anatomy, West Wing, Desperate Housewives.

THE GIRL: The Girl is my girlfriend of many years - yes, we're gay. She's a credit and collections specialist (corporate accounts - she won't be calling you at home during dinner wondering when you're sending in that payment) by weekday and obsessive golfer at all possible times. She puts up with my sci-fi and Buffy-type obsessions, but usually declines to view the shows or movies, unless I promise a restaurant trip in exchange.

Stats: Female, born 1962, residing in New England.
Shows: Joan of Arcadia, Cold Case, The L Word, ER, E! True Hollywood Story, Barefoot Contessa, Playing Lessons From the Pros, Queer Eye, The Ellen Degeneres Show, Parole Board.
Entertainment Preferences: Chick Flicks, Thrillers, Crime Dramas. Nothing that requires suspending disbelief, that unfolds in a nonlinear fashion, or that ventures very far from the present.
Food and Beverage Preferences: Meat, onion rings, french fries, Starbuck's, asparagus.
Sad Fact: None - The Girl is perfection.

UPDATE (8/26/05): The Girl is now my wife, since we got married on July 2, 2005. We're fabulously happy, even after suffering through two years (so far) of law school together, and the sad passing of her mother last year.

Joan of Arcadia has been cancelled. She seems to have tired of Barefoot Contessa, Playing Lessons, Queer Eye and Parole Board. I think she's seen most of the True Hollywood Stories that she wanted to see.

She lists her current favorites as: Joan of Arcadia (just can't let it go), Cold Case, The L Word, ER, E! True Hollywood Story, The Ellen Degeneres Show (I'll have to tell Tivo to record some more of these for her), Rescue Me and Law & Order: SVU.

She's asked that I add "anything fried" to her list of favorite foods.

The GUYFRIEND: The Guyfriend is a co-worker and friend of mine. He's a PC Support Specialist by day, bass player by night and fellow geek at all times. We share an obsession with sci-fi and Buffy/Angel, and with analyzing entertainment to death. No, he's not gay - his wife might object. Although I do occasionally refer to him as a lesbiman.

Stats: Male, born 1965, residing in New England.
Shows: Buffy, Joan of Arcadia, 24, Alias, Charmed, Extreme Homes, Star Trek: All.
Entertainment Preferences: Sci-fi, Action-Adventure, Chick Flicks, Porn.
Food and Beverage Preferences: Vegetarian, pasta, ice cream, Starbuck's.
Sad Fact: Unwittingly passed up chance to be Paula Cole's bass player.

UPDATE (8/26/05): The Guyfriend was my Best Man at the wedding. Buffy and Joan of Arcadia have been cancelled, Charmed is coming up on its last season. He's had to cut back on the ice cream and Starbucks treats for cholesterol and blood pressure reasons. I'll check with him after his vacation for further updates as far as favorite shows.
Posted by Beth Henderson at 4:00 PM